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New project

2008-09-25 17:50:48 by gamecubebible

Starting on a new project with DJ LoZ. I think I'll make a series out of it.. I will try and fix a little pilot up for Halloween or something like it ^^ I drew a picture of one of the bad guys :3 Pretty sweet huh?

Enjoy the picture... If any skilled background artist or something reads this and seems interested then contact me ^^ I could use someone to paint the backgrounds.. ( which I suck at xD )

Cheers ^^

New project


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2008-10-08 01:17:36

Wow its unique, and the smiley face makes it look "mysterious".

gamecubebible responds:

Heh Thanks. It took me about 2 hours to make.. Might I brag a bit and say that it's drawn with a mouse. anyways... I just got this idea someday and felt like drawing it.. And this was the thing that came out of it.. I plan to include this smiley guy as a character in a serious "horror" series.. but I my mind has gone blank on characters.