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New project

2008-09-25 17:50:48 by gamecubebible

Starting on a new project with DJ LoZ. I think I'll make a series out of it.. I will try and fix a little pilot up for Halloween or something like it ^^ I drew a picture of one of the bad guys :3 Pretty sweet huh?

Enjoy the picture... If any skilled background artist or something reads this and seems interested then contact me ^^ I could use someone to paint the backgrounds.. ( which I suck at xD )

Cheers ^^

New project

First flash out :D

2008-09-22 06:06:18 by gamecubebible

yay.. my first flash is out on newgrounds ^^

Made this in tears sweat and blood.. (nearly)

heres the link if you should want to see it :P

:3 enjoy!

PS: thanks to DJ loz for the voice acting which lead to this little "film" ^^

Whoopee fu'kin' Doo!

2008-08-16 12:22:06 by gamecubebible

New Pc.. Birthday... And An Awesome new school.. Will try to keep my ng page and stuff updated.. BUT... Not sure yet :3

New pc is coming too.. I hope to get started on some nice flash things.. and music of course... Have fun in the world.. else I WILL hunt you down >:3

life is good :P

2008-07-05 06:27:26 by gamecubebible

I am Hrappeh :3

Music is everywhere nowadays :P And I like making it myself.. give my audio submissions a visit.. leave a review ^^ see ya around newgrounds! :)

Sweet life ^^ Sounds like Flash is calling again :3

Ok.... Let's get this straight..... My Hard disc for my pc is Kaput! Finished! Sayonara in hell stupid hard drive. Goddamn...

I am God of the world...

2008-02-03 18:14:02 by gamecubebible

Man... dont take the title personally... I just finished off a movie for school and will soon be adding it to Ng.... Anyways... have fun out there... (if you don't get the point in the "title thingamajing" then it's just that I am proud over finishing my first movie xD )


2007-09-23 17:36:47 by gamecubebible

goddammit flash is really hard to learn but i'll do my best! soon will be adding movies to newgrounds have fun out there... :)